The operating system for sharing

Living with others can get messy. Keep finances clean with effortless sharing.

WellPaid Subscription Manager

Simplify sharing with your group

Stop auto-renewals

Identify subscriptions and recurring bills charging your card and bank accounts.

Track bills together

Track shared charges as a group and see your share automatically.

Auto-split charges

Set simple rules to split bills or subscriptions any time you're charged.

Automated transfers

Schedule recurring bank transfers for rent or utility bills and auto-save from deposits.

Who we help

WellPaid Organizes Bills and Subscriptions

Keep it together

WellPaid organizes your existing accounts and existing services in one place, adding tools to automate or share.

Identify subscriptions in your accounts

Organize subscription details

Plan for your share


Share house bills

Share bills in seconds. Split future charges automatically or share tracking so everyone can plan their share.

Split bills automatically

Share bill tracking and details

Settle up multiple bills all at once


WellPaid Share Subscriptions and Bills
WellPaid Automated Transfers

Automate simple transfers

WellPaid lets you schedule simple transfer routines between your accounts or with others. You can transfer a percent of paychecks to savings or set aside money for taxes.

Transfer between bank accounts

Transfer and request with others

Automate bill splitting


Why WellPaid?


Replace 6 apps by organizing your bills, reminders, and transfer routines in one place.

Our awesome features

Set transfer routines or split subscription costs to save time. Skip the monthly requests and manual reminders.

Our awesome features

Split bills or just share tracking. Divide up costs evenly, fixed amounts, or settle up with a group at month end.

Our awesome features

Built for roommates, couples, coparents, and landlords, you can track bills with others and see your share in seconds.

Our awesome features

Skip manual transfer requests or looking up charges. WellPaid identifies your bills and lets you split with others in 3 clicks.

Our awesome features