Autopilot for Sharing

Living with others means sharing bills. Skip the monthly mess by tracking bills together. Settle the tab how you want: all at once or with auto-transfers. Easy.

WellPaid Subscription Manager

Simplify sharing with your group

Stop auto-renewals

Identify subscriptions and recurring bills charging your card and bank accounts.

Track bills together

Track shared charges as a group and see your share automatically.

Auto-split charges

Set simple rules to split bills or subscriptions any time you're charged.

Automated transfers

Schedule recurring bank transfers for rent or utility bills and auto-save from deposits.

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WellPaid Track House Bills Together

Keep it together

WellPaid organizes your existing accounts and services in one place, adding tools to automate or share.

Identify subscriptions in your accounts

Organize subscription details

Plan for your share


Share house bills

Share bills in seconds. Split future charges automatically or share tracking so everyone can plan their share.

Split bills automatically

Share bill tracking and details

Settle up multiple bills all at once


WellPaid Share Subscriptions and Bills
WellPaid Automated Transfers

Automate bank transfers

Transfer money on a schedule between your bank accounts or with others. Auto-save a percent of deposits or auto-sweep like a personal treasury department.

Transfer between bank accounts

Transfer and request with others

Automate bill splitting


Why Get WellPaid?


Don't change how you pay for services or where you store your money. WellPaid connects to >10,000 banks and cards to help you track or split bills effortlessly.


WellPaid gives you simple tools to automate your money. Auto-save, auto-split, and auto-share bill tracking in seconds.


WellPaid lets you split or track bills however you want. Auto-split utilities evenly or assign a percent to everyone. Add charges to a ledger to settle up later or auto-request money whenever you're charged.


Built for roommates, couples, coparents, and landlords, WellPaid lets you track bills together and split costs automatically. Share only what you want and keep finances separate.


Set up WellPaid in seconds and automate tracking bills with your household for the year ahead. No arguements or effort to track down charges every month.

Track and split simple requests
$0 / month
  • Track bill charges across all accounts
  • Track your share of categorized spend
  • Quick split one-time charges
  • Set simple recurring transfers
Get WellPaid
WellPaid Pro
Less than the cost of coffee for automated tracking and transfers
$3 / month
  • Unlimited transfers between accounts
  • Automated group bill tracking
  • Advanced transfer routines
  • Track your share of group bills
Get WellPaid

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