Automated finances in 5 minutes

Get organized with others in minutes. Connect your accounts and WellPaid does the heavy lifting. Then set it and forget it.

WellPaid Setup in 5 Minutes

Start in 3 steps

In minutes, you can see all your subscriptions and bills in one place with tools to make changes.

1. Add cards and banks

Securely connect cards and banks to share charge details by logging into each bank portal.

2. Confirm recurring bills

Quickly confirm subscription details identified by WellPaid or add new subscriptions.

3. Split and share

Add others to your bills by email or phone to automatically split costs, track together, or share details.

WellPaid Subscription and Bill Splitting

Share bills and split automatically

Add others to recurring bills to track together and split future charges automatically.

Confirm recurring bills

Ensure the estimated costs and bill details are correct to help everyone plan ahead.

Add others to bills

Add friends or roommates to each bill to share tracking of future charges.

Automate bill splitting

Split costs evenly, by %, or in fixed amounts. Get paid back all at once or after each bill.

Alerts and reminders

Get alerted if bills are more than expected or someone pauses a bill split.

Recurring transfers

Send money on a routine with others or between your accounts for auto-savings or sweeps.

Fixed transfers

Send between your banks one-time or on a routine at any connected bank.

Automated bill split transfers

Add others to automatically split bills. Get paid back any time you're charged or on a fixed date.

Percent of deposits (coming soon)

Automatically move a percent of deposits for savings, bills, or tax.

Sweeps & round ups (coming soon)

Automate how money goes into and out of your accounts. Save and manage cash easily.

WellPaid Recurring Transfers
WellPaid Bank Grade Security

Bank grade security

WellPaid uses 256-bit encryption and does not store, or even see, your bank login details. We take security seriously and store only what we need to serve you.

Terms of Service

Real data privacy

WellPaid is a sharing service that protects your right to your data. Your personally identifiable data is not shared with advertisers or outside services.

Privacy Policy

WellPaid Privacy Policy

(NEW) Share with a group in four intuitive steps

Connect existing accounts

WellPaid uses Plaid to connect your banks and cards to track recurring charges.

Invite others to a group

Add your roommates, tenants, spouse, etc to a group to track charges together.

Add bills to the group

Select a bill from your bank or cards to auto-share or enter charges manually.

Confirm everyone's share

Split bills evenly or assign shares. Settle charges all at once or request payment on a fixed date.

WellPaid Share and Track as a Group
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