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Looking for a roommate or listing a rental? Don't lose out on a great match from a weak profile. WellPaid validation takes 60 seconds.

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WellPaid Digital Identity and Validation

Scammers and Spammers

Beyond wasting your time, fraudsters are paid to copy listings and seem like a match.

Rental Fraud

Over 5 million renters have lost a median of $400 each to fake listings.

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Bad Roommates

Only 1-in-5 roommates found online are satisfied with their living situation.

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Tenant Fraud

Fake references or verifications are the most common red flags for bad tenants.

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WellPaid Verification in 60 Seconds

Create a Trusted Profile

Prove you control social profiles and posts by logging into Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Our awesome features
Bank Validation

Log into a checking account to confirm your legal identity with a bank. Renting? Let us prove you can pay the rent.

Our awesome features
Prevent Copying of Listings

Add your profile link to your listings and enable access from the listing URL. Only your listing can access your profile.

Our awesome features

Bank-Secured Digital IDs

Connect your social accounts to your bank for an unspoofable digital ID and validate:

Legal identity

Social accounts

Listings, employment, or websites

Ability to pay rent

Send or request money

WellPaid Bank Secured Digital ID
WellPaid Organizes Bills and Subscriptions

Paste Your Profile Anywhere

Add a link to any site or email you want to validate your identity. Build trust instantly and effortlessly.

Craigslist listings

Facebook Groups

eBay or Marketplaces

Websites and Link-in-bio


Prevent Identity Theft

WellPaid only allows specified websites to access profile details you share. Validate your listing with peace of mind.

WellPaid Organizes Bills and Subscriptions

Stand Out with WellPaid

In 60 seconds you can validate that you're real, own a listing, and can be trusted.

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You're on the list! We'll be ready in 1-2 weeks.

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