Embedded groups and sharing

Give your customers the ability to track and split bills together with cleansed bank data, transfers, and automation.

Let your customers engage on your platform

Serve the 85% of adults living with other adults by adding simple group financial management to your site.

Cleanse user transaction data

Identify and customize bills

Track bills together

Auto-split recurring bills

Send money with routines

WellPaid Group Finance Tools

Engaged customers grow your business for you

Users that engage with group finances stay longer and invite more users to your platform.

Organic referrals

It takes 2+ users to make a group. Let your users invite others to track bills or split charges together.

Drive retention

Autopay is sticky. Your users can auto-split bills keeping them on your platform, longer.

New revenue stream

Your users are willing to pay for simplicity. Group features drive subscription or per-transfer revenue.

Import and cleanse transaction data

Connect to Plaid or use our connection. Start day one with clean transactional and bill data that your users understand and can edit.

WellPaid Cleanse Transactional Data
WellPaid Auto-Split and Autopay

Let groups track and split bills together

Your users likely split bills already through another service. Let your customers track bills as a group and share on your platform instead.

Enable one-time or recurring transfers

Let your users send flexibly without managing failed payments, risk, or compliance. Automation and recurring transfers are built-in to let you look polished in days.

WellPaid Auto-Split and Autopay

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