Effortless reference checks

Prevent faked references and learn about your applicants. Make the right choice in seconds with our partner, EasyRef.

WellPaid Reference Checks

Simple screening for everyone

Whatever your reason, use WellPaid to request verified references and learn about your candidates.

New Tenants

Assess responses from prior landlords or roommates about on-time payments, property upkeep, and red flags.

New Students

Evaluate co-workers or personal contacts' assessment of a candidate's work-ethic, motivation, and apptitude.

New Roommates

Hear from prior roommates or personal contacts about a potential roommate's habits and expectations.

New Hires (coming soon)

Confirm with prior managers or workers about prior responsibilities, performance, and strengths or weaknesses.

Get the full picture in 30 seconds

Receive validated and unbiased responses from references without extensive back and forth.

1. You request references

Define who you'd like to hear from and what you'd like to know.

2. Candidates provide references

Your candidates provide contact details for references.

3. References give perspective

References verify their identity and respond to your questions.

WellPaid Reference Full Picture
WellPaid Reference Validation

Flexible and robust

References are quickly validated before responding to a tailorable list of questions about your candidate.

Global and multi-lingual

Respondents validate their legal identity in 200+ countries with translated responses from 130+ languages.

Editable prompts for references

Use our reference questions or customize for whatever you need.

Straight-forward pricing

Save on a bad experience or fraud with better screening designed for every stage and every need.

Per Reference
Verify 1 applicant or reference
$5 / ea
  • 1 Verification
  • Pre-Built Reference Questions
  • Automated Reminders
  • Chat Support
Request a Reference
Applicant Bundle
Verify 1 applicant + 2 references
$12 / bundle
  • 3 Verifications
  • Customize Reference Checks
  • Automated Reminders
  • Chat Support
Applicant Screening
Bulk pricing or invoicing options
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  • Discounted Verifications
  • Custom Reference Checks
  • Listing Profiles Included
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